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Counselors Cadre

Session Description

KEDC Counselor cadre meetings will include time for participants to discuss and learn about ways to efficiently and effectively manage their services for students. Topics will include current laws, state and federal policies and procedures, current research in school counseling, ways to work with school and community partners, using technology to enhance workflow, communication strategies, meeting the social and emotional needs of students, and preparing students for post-school life and career.

KEDC Counselor cadres may include: Panel Q and A sessions,open forum conversation time, presentations by KDE staff, presentations by experienced counselors, lesson sharing, and book study.

KEDC Counselor cadre will allow the participants to spend time refining their role-specific work.   Throughout the year participants will: consider ways to improve attendance, discuss ways to leverage community and school partners, present their own problems of practice and work together to create solutions, review and discuss  research, learn ways to apply technology as an efficiency tool, hear from state and national counseling experts and most importantly learn from and with each other.

Session Times

Start TimeEnd TimeLocationCurrent StudentsMax Students
April 13 2020 09:30 AMApril 13 2020 12:30 PMKEDC -Ashland 250
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